An Important Note from the LeadPages Team...

Hey There!

Thanks for your interest in LeadPlayer! We appreciate you stopping by.

As much as we'd love to have you as a customer, we're not selling new copies of LeadPlayer right now.

It's nothing personal. You just caught us at a transition time here at LeadPlayer.

Right now, we're closing LeadPlayer to new customers, so we can make way for even more amazing developments coming in 2014.

As we write this, our development team is working behind closed doors on innovations that could change the lead generation industry.

To create these innovations, we have decided to shift our focus away from LeadPlayer for now -- to concentrate on these more important developments.

If you're already a LeadPlayer customer, don't worry! We will continue to support you 100%!

That means you can still use LeadPlayer to grow your list, and you can continue to contact our amazing support team if you have any questions.

Thanks for understanding.

The LeadPages Team