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New LeadPlayer Feature: Use Custom Thumbnail Images (With Your Videos & Other People’s YouTube Vids)

Hi, my name is Clay Collins, and I’m super excited to announce today the release of a new feature for LeadPlayer, and that feature is the ability to add your own custom thumbnails to your own YouTube videos, or if you’re going to display someone else’s YouTube video on your website with LeadPlayer, you can create your own custom thumbnail image that displays before the video starts. Let’s go inside the computer and I’ll show you what I mean.

So traditionally, unless you are an extra favored YouTube partner who’s gotten tons, millions of views on YouTube and are one of their favorite people, you only get 3 options for the thumbnail for your video. YouTube will give you an option about a quarter of the way through the video, about halfway through the video, and about three quarters of the way through the video, and here’s a recent interview that I did for the Marketing Show. And in this picture, I’ve got my mouth wide open for the thumbnail that they gave me, and this one, I’m looking okay, but he’s kind of staring off into space, and in this one, I’m looking down and he’s looking good. I guess in this one, I’m kind of like puckering my lips in some weird way. So I don’t like any of these options, but these are the only options available. I can’t upload my own frame that I want to be the thumbnail image that displays before I watch the video. They don’t let me do that.

In addition, they don’t allow me to use my own thumbnail when I display other people’s videos on my site. So for example, here’s a video by Barry Schwartz about the Power of Choice. I wanted to post this on my website, but YouTube does not allow me to do that. I have to use the one that is the default for this image and I get absolutely no choice in the matter. And this new feature that we added to LeadPlayer changes all of that. Let me show you how it works.

So here we are on and I’ve decided that this thumbnail image for this YouTube video has got to go. The arrows in front of his face, it just doesn’t look good. It’s not a good image. You can see the compression. So I went into my image editor and I created a thumbnail called Paradox of Choice, and it shows someone in the cereal aisle of the grocery store looking at all the different options here. So I’m going to go ahead and export this image as a JPEG. I’m going to click Save, Export – And you can do this in whichever image editor you want to use. There’s some online ones. They’re very easy to use. I just typed Paradox of Choice over a photograph that I found.

Now I can go into the Paradox of Choice video inside of LeadPlayer, and I can insert a thumbnail image. So you can either cut and paste any picture URL from the web, any PNG or JPEG file or you can select an image from your computer. So I’m going to actually upload one. So here’s my Paradox of Choice thumbnail. I’m going to choose that. It’s uploading. And then I’m going to click on full size and insert into post, and that’s what its done. And so I’m going to click Save Video and you’ll see what happened.

So here we are and here is the original thumbnail that displayed, and I’m going to click reload, and what you can see now is our new and improved thumbnail over this image. And again, I did this with someone else’s video that is now displayed on my site, and when I click ‘Play,’ it shows the exact video that I want to play.

Next, I want to fix this thumbnail. My lips are puckering in some weird way. I look like a total weirdo. He’s looking up. It’s not the best image. So what I’m going to do is actually open to the exact frame from the video – This is the original video – and I’m open to the exact frame that I want to use from this video. And in quick time, you can actually, you know, go backwards and forwards to where you want to go, and I like this frame that’s at like 13, 32. There it is. I like this frame. You know, his mouth is covered so there’s no possibility that he’s doing something weird with that, and you know, my hands are in okay position.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to ‘Edit’ and ‘Copy.’ And this is a little trick. If you have quick time open and you go to ‘Edit,’ ‘Copy,’ it will actually copy this frame. And then I can go here into ‘Pixel Meter.’ I’m going to click on ‘New.’

I’m going to create a new file and I can just paste that image that I want right here. So I’m going to go ahead and export this to JPEG, and you can use any image editor that you want. I’m going to call this Nate, all right? And then inside of LeadPlayer, I’m going to go to Nate’s Sticky Albums Interview. I’m going to click on ‘Edit’ then here for thumbnail image, I’m going to click on ‘Select Image’ then I’m going to ‘Select the File.’ Click on the thumbnail image, select ‘Choose,’ and then insert into ‘Post’ and click ‘Save Video.’

So here we are on the video page. This is the old version of the video thumbnail, and here is the new one. I’m looking relatively normal and so is he. So this is how you do it, and this is how it works. As you can see, it’s merely a matter of going and finding the clip you want inside of LeadPlayer, clicking on ‘Edit’ then selecting an image and going forward.

Now just a note here, a note of caution. For those who are using LeadPlayer with sales videos and with landing page videos, this is perfect because that means that you can have a thumbnail that is designed from the ground up to get people to press ‘Play.’ You know, it can say, ‘Hit Play Below’ if you want to be on the more aggressive side, or you can just have like arrows on the thumbnail pointing to the play button. You can do a whole range of things from very aggressive to not aggressive at all that are designed to increase the likelihood that someone’s going to hit play. I prefer to do things that aren’t very aggressive, but the choice is truly up to you.

In addition, for people using LeadPlayer to display unlisted videos on their membership site, when you have a thumbnail, this increases your protection. So when you have a thumbnail, it decreases the likelihood that someone else will be able to find your video on YouTube and get your original YouTube link. So LeadPlayer provides a whole lot of protection that prevents people from being able to go to YouTube and get your YouTube length for an unlisted video, right, so for a video that cannot be found within YouTube, but that you’re planning on your membership site for those videos when you have a thumbnail image enabled. It provides you with even more protection, and if you’re using this for membership sites, I highly encourage you to turn on thumbnails for all your videos even if your thumbnail image is just a blank white screen or a black white screen with maybe some text on it describing what’s in the video.

For those of you that have LeadPlayer right now, you can go ahead and just go to ‘Check for Updates’ inside of LeadPlayer, click this, and then when you go to plug ins, you’ll see that the plug in has been updated, and you can update it. If you don’t have LeadPlayer, now is an awesome time to join us.

Anyway, my name is Clay Collins, and I look forward to seeing how you implement this new thumbnail feature. Take care.

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